“A Pessimist Sees The Difficulty In Every Opportunity
An Optimist Sees The Opportunity In Every Difficulty.”
~ Winston Churchill ~

Prime Meridian Resources

The Tango Gold & Porphyry Project

Prime Meridian Resources has acquired full ownership of four contiguous mining concessions (3,954 Ha) in Southern Sinaloa State, Mexico. Having completed extensive exploration and mapping of target mining locations, and developed comprehensive drilling plans for several confirmed and prospective deposits, we are prepared to extract the gold, copper and molybdenum bounties that lie within our permitted sites.

Prime Meridian Resource is prepared to begin operations in San Agustin & La Cocolmeca, and El Pino, La Gloria & Los Colgados, Mango, and Urrea, La Vibora, La Flauta, La Botica, and Lentes. We are also targeting copper deposits in Guacamaya and molybdenum in Porfido del Cuervo. By focusing on both pre-mapped and speculative targets, we will be able to expand \ operations and generate revenue steadily, while also exploring new, lucrative opportunities.

Prime Meridian Resources has a registered surface Access Agreement with the Ejido of Picachos, and is permitted to complete exploration drilling activities. Our focus is to extract gold, copper and molybdenum from areas with a stream sediment geochemistry model class of medium or high. We are eligible to extract these resources from both confirmed and prospective sites.




Volume: 7000