Targeting and extracting valuable resources with invaluable efficiency

Prime Meridian Resources is targeting confirmed and speculative mining opportunities in Mexico. By taking controlling ownership of these endeavours, we are able to both maximize development efficiency and ensure operations are orchestrated in a unified and cohesive manner providing streamlined productivity and growth every step of the way. This formula provides accelerated development, faster revenue and rapid scaling.

We’re offering $1.5M in private placement shares

Prime Meridian Resources is traded on the TSX-V under the symbol PMR. In addition to being acquired via public exchange, PMR shares are currently available through private placement sale. We are offering 15,000,000 shares at a price of $0.10 per share, with additional 15,000,000 PP warrants available for $0.30. The private placement sale is being used to fund new projects that will help us generate revenue and further expand operations in the future.